Socdir » your social tools directory

Socdir is a social tool directory of social media tools, expert driven toolkits, recipes, and an online community of social networking gurus, fans, and newbies.

We have much to do. There is more to come. We’ve launched early so expect a few blemishes. We’re just having fun.

In 2009, a pioneering and respected woman, Laura Fitton (@Pistachio), created a resource many people loved and used: In 2011 Hubspot acquired Oneforty and incorporated many of Oneforty’s valuable assets in to their operation. The social media tools database that Oneforty developed did not have a natural fit. Through conversations with Laura and Mike Champion (@GraySky), a respected Oneforty innovator and developer who also joined the Hubspot team, Hubspot agreed to provide the social media tools database and assets back to the community through an open sourced distribution.

Upon the discovery that was going offline and the data would be made available we committed to Laura that we would develop a home for the tools and continue to support the community surrounding them. This was the birth of Socdir.

We will not only embrace what was created by Oneforty but expand and grow to strive to be the leading resource directory of social media application tools. We will match you with the best social apps for your business and personal social media efforts.

Thank you Laura, Mike, and the Oneforty team for your blood, sweat, and tears cultivating this rich data and your support of the social media community.

Thank you @Hubspot, for your generosity and social grace in providing the data and content of the Oneforty tool database to the community.

This is a beginning. There are more tools to discover. There are more tools to create.

Let’s explore!

Kevin D. Lyons (@KevinLyons)