Socdir Roadmap

We are at the beginning of the journey in the social directory space. We're explorers, innovators, creators... The future is unknown with undefined boundaries.

Let's explore.


We are developing simple ways for you to showcase your favorite tools in lists and collections. We want to make it easy for you to share your bag of tricks with others.


Tools are amazing but the secret sauce is in how you use them.


We are exploring innovative ways to add meta content to the tool library to keep the tool data fresh. There is not a lack of sources but a lack of focused curation.


Why keep your tool a secret? Embeddable widgets that you and your fans can download and share are in the oven.


Learning by engagement feeds innovation. Can we chat? We feel it's important. We're working on it.


Sometimes innovation is less of an epiphany and more of fulfilling the need of the obvious. We have many questions. We want to hear.

Tool Expansion

The initial Socdir data is based off of Oneforty data which had a heavy focus on Twitter tools. We will continue to add to this amazing base including your favorite tools for Facebook, Google+, Foursquare and other social networks.

Socdir Roadmap