Social media analytics

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Actionly is a Social Media Monitoring dashboard and listening platform.


Looxii is a social media analytics platform. To put it simply, Looxii enables you to search for keywords on Twitter and Facebook.

A comprehensive monitoring platform which is not heavy on your wallet for smart and agile teams and agencies

Socialblaze is a social media management application that helps businesses measure and optimize their return on investment from social me

Simplify360 is a web based complete social media engagement and analytics platform that lets you energize and engage with your customers,

Whether it is said in English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish or any other language. Brandchats picks up the chat about your brand.

BuzTweet is web service that creates content and broadcasts Social Media Campaigns on Twitter, Google Buzz, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Omllion is a comprehensive social media monitoring tool that enables you to proficiently measure, analyse and engage on a customisable an