Advertising and URL shortening service that lets you get paid for traffic your links and tweets generate. This bookmarklet is brought to you by URL shortening service, adjix. Adjix to Twitter browser plugin is simply for tweeting links while you browse, but since you have the option to specify which account to tweet from, and send later, it could prove extremely handy.

Tool Reviews

Reviewed on September 27, 2009

I started using Adjix because I saw Guy Kawasaki using it, and assumed it had something to recommend it.

I do not use the advertising portion of Adjix (which I would consider intrusive). Rather, I use it merely for convenience and analytics.

At the time I started using it, Adjix was one of the few applications that tracked how many clicks you got on a shortened URL. Also, Adjix allows you to schedule tweets in advance, something I find convenient if I happen upon something on the Web, but have just tweeted 2 minutes ago -- I don't want to overwhelm followers with too...