blu is a new social media platform based on twitter's web service. We are currently conducting a limited beta.

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Tool Reviews

Reviewed on May 19, 2010

A very easy to use client, My only wish is that you could see userlists and groups.
I love the UI, very smooth. after reviewing a number of Windows clients I decided to go with this, well done Thirteen23!

EDIT: Looking at the above screenshots for blu2, I feel the need to ask, will there be a way to choose between the new UI and the original one?

Reviewed on May 2, 2010

This app does work with Windows XP as well. It never installs onto Windows XP but it's 100% usable.

As for the app itself, it's very nice. It takes up a worthy amount of computer memory and ram. An amount that I'm not too happy with.

It's a really nice app though it doesn't update itself often no matter how you change the settings and all. Please, sometimes you have to click on the "tabs" more then once or twice just to get there.

Also, there isn't a scroll bar so you have to move your mouse arou

Reviewed on April 23, 2010

I love the UI of blu! The design is amazing and I actually like the dinging sound it makes whenever there's a new tweet. The only thing I don't like about it (unless I missed it somewhere) is the fact that every time I click on the "x" button it closes immediately. Wish it could minimize and a little icon of blu will be found on the bottom right with the battery and the time icons :)

Reviewed on March 16, 2010

I love blu! great twitter client, and if your looking for more beta testers I'm your man. [hint hint.. how do I get involved in version 2 beta?]

Reviewed on February 25, 2010

Hey! How do I get on the beta for blu2? [ hint hint ]