Signal in the Noise. Know Your Followers. Intelligent tools and analytics to build and manage your followers in a searchable database.

The Problem
Twitter has changed the way we connect, communicate, and consume globally, creating unprecedented volumes of content and relationships. Once you get over a couple of hundred of followers, it becomes increasingly harder to find the "Signal in the Noise", making it harder than ever to make and manage meaningful connections with consumers, fans, or other businesses. Chirpaloo™, from Internet Media Labs, changes all that.

The Solution
Chirpaloo™ enables you to manage your followers in a rearchable database where their profile, tweets, website, social graph and demographic data is instantly accessible. Users can now identify & categorize influencers, analyze & engage in relevant conversations w/ groups & individuals in a way that has never been possible.

How it works
Chirpaloo™ can be used by anyone, whether you are a single user, a team, or an enterprise. Simply authenticate your Twitter account, and we do all the heavy lifting indexing and analyzing your followers, allowing you to instantly query your followers based on the criteria that is important to you: keywords, location, gender, or influence. Instantly create curated groups to facilitate targeted, relevant conversations. Our scalable engagement engine will allow you to create momentum around your social media mission, whatever that might be. Our analytics let you see who is interacting with your conversations or content. Identify your relevant followers and engage!