Favstar.fm allows you to see the most favorited tweets across Twitter at any given time. It also allows you to track your own tweets to see who is favoriting them, and allows you to follow what your friends are favoriting.


Tool Reviews

Reviewed on March 14, 2011

Interesting app. Not exactly what I was looking for but so far the easiest UI for viewing info about favorites and favorited tweets.

Reviewed on November 9, 2010

New potential follower can have from here.
Making stared is impressive to most interesting tweets around.

Reviewed on November 3, 2010

The best way to get feedback from your followers. That Twitter doesn't have this built in kinda blows my mind - but on the other hand it's created a tighter community of users.

Reviewed on October 20, 2010

I concur with the other reviewers that Favstar is an excellent and very useful app. I use Favstar on a daily basis, checking favorites as well as RTs to get a sense as to which of my tweets are getting the most response/reaction. I should mention that Favstar recently added RTs along with favorites - providing a more holistic view of interest in a tweet.

But what's really amazing about Favstar are it's two other dimensions:
1) Favstar is pretty much the keeper of funny on Twitter - their leaderboard and the @favstar100 and @favstar50 accounts keep track of some of the funniest...

Reviewed on August 12, 2010

I've always got time for Favstar. I'm addicted!!