Shorten the URL of a product or service and help charities!

What do I do?
If you use to make a product recommendation on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else, and people click on and buy what you suggest, we give 55% of any earned referral fees to charity.

How does it work?
Across the web, many retailers use 'affiliate marketing' to help get people onto their sites. Retailers pay a commission for each sale sent to them through a link from other referring sites. To track these sales, the referring site will use a specific 'affiliate link'. is run by, a service that helps publishers earn revenues through afnº¸liate marketing. When people click your shortened links, we run it through Skimlinks, and make it an afnº¸liate link where possible. If people buy anything based on your recommendations, a commission is earned. We work with 8,000 international retailers, so the more product and service recommendations you make using, the more you can raise for charity.