Secure Twitter Sharing for the Social Business

MediaFunnel is the secure Twitter solution for today's social business.

Many organizations more than one person managing their Twitter accounts, but not all users should have the same level of access. With MediaFunnel, businesses can manage multiple users and multiple accounts and assign the appropriate permissions to each user.

Contributor posts have to be moderated by a Publisher or an Administrator.

MediaFunnel lets users with the appropriate permissions schedule Tweets for a specific time of day and also release Tweets gradually over the course of minutes, hours or days. Track clickthroughs with or URL shortening.

MediaFunnel also offers the ability for Guests to post to your Twitter streams via the editorial review engine. Guests can contribute via a site widget, SMS or email. More closely engage your audience and fans!

Background searches and alerts ensure that you're consistently notified about brand and product mentions. React quickly to any feedback, whether it's positive, negative or neutral. Assign Tweets to the appropriate domain expert.


Tool Reviews

Reviewed on December 8, 2010

I'm a digital communications consultant, so I spend a lot of time teaching my clients to use tools that make their lives easier. MediaFunnel (formerly TweetFunnel) is one of my favorite tools. The tool is still young, but it's growing by leaps and bounds. You just can't beat the ability to connect multiple people to multiple channels with varying levels of oversight.

If you've got a social media team (or act as your own social media team), MediaFunnel could only be replaced by custom software. And who wants to deal with developing that?

Reviewed on January 20, 2010

Ditto to the previous poster..! I also work at a PR agency -- full disclosure, our company just started working with MediaFunnel late December but we had been using the service for several months before any business relationship started. We were genuinely ardent fans long before we ever hoped to have them as a client!

MediaFunnel has really made our "team tweeting" much more efficient. Before we discovered this tool, we were writing tweets, pasting into emails, sending off to the account manager to revie

Reviewed on October 7, 2009

The PR agency for which I work, and I, have begun using Twitter to streamline our Twitter activities and be more efficient in our social media efforts. TweetFunnel is a lifesaver - we love the ease of having a newsworthy tweet at our fingertips and all the added features - especially the ability to send tweets for feedback to the client and vice versa - save so much time. Thanks so much Tweetfunnel!