BlackBerry client for Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare.


Tool Reviews

Reviewed on February 17, 2011

Hands down the best app I've used yet on my Blackberry. Clean, easy to use and supports several different platforms like Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare to name a few. If you haven't requested an invitation, do it today!

Reviewed on February 3, 2011

I use SocialScope every day. It is one of the first apps I load when I get up in the morning and the last thing I check at night before bed (besides the doors and windows).

Reviewed on January 6, 2011

This is my most favorite, most used application on my blackberry. I must have sucked up hard in my beta-app, because I didn't wait very long. I've seen it get better with each release. I send regular feedback, and get good responses back. I love that it integrates with Opera Mini (twitter), but it should offer the same thing for links in Facebook. It would be even more awesome if it pulled in my facebook friend groupings.

Reviewed on December 23, 2010

Love Love Love this app. Works much better than the official Twitter app for BlackBerry and I love how it integrates with Facebook and Foursquare.

Reviewed on October 12, 2010

The ONLY app that feels like it was designed for Blackberry users. You only need ONE APP. Can't wait until Socialscope is ready for the new Blackberry OS. Eager to give it a whirl.