Capture Short 15 Second Video Status Updates that are shared instantly with friends, family or the whole world through Twitter and Facebook.

Tout is a social media platform that allows users to shoot 15-second video status updates via smartphones and webcams. Touts are shared real-time and automatically to, Twitter, Facebook, SMS and email contacts. Through Tout's reply feature, users can engage in Tout conversations.
Tout is breaking new ground by combining social networking with the power of video to deliver a revolutionary, conversational experience for users, celebrities, and brands.

  • Users can watch video updates from celebrities and friends alike, record their own Touts, and share the best of both with friends and family. High quality video, real-time updates, and 'video everywhere' features ensure that Touters always know what's happening in the lives of the people who are important to them.
  • Celebrities like Shaq, Katie Couric, Mitt Romney, The Rock, Jeff Probst, and Greta van Susteren have started using Tout to directly connect to their fans. Stars like Madonna and Stephen Spielberg answer users' Touted questions from the red carpet. Tout's reply feature allows fans to directly engage in conversations with celebrities.
  • Brands like Access Hollywood, USA Today, ESPN, CBS and The Weather Channel interact directly with their audiences, soliciting comments and questions, hosting conversations, and extending the reach of their presence on TV and the web.

Tout is changing how people interact, delivering a rich social sharing experience in full color, sound, and motion.
Some things just can't be fully experienced in text or photos. Life is what you see and hear. Tout it!