is a real-time mapping of Twitter trends across the world. See what the global, collective mass of humanity are discussing right now.


Tool Reviews

socialmediagoodguy @socialmediagoo1
Reviewed on July 6, 2012

Really useful, combining commercial trending and what real people are saying. As a B2C marketer I can see this beeing seriously valuable.

Reviewed on May 14, 2012
Reviewed on March 20, 2011

Cool application, doesn't require you to sign in to use and is a lot of fun.

Reviewed on February 4, 2011

Excelente, una gran herramienta para quienes estamos interesados en los avances de la web 2.0 y en particular sobre qu+¨ se dice en twitter y d+¶nde se dice

Reviewed on July 29, 2010

This tool is great. If you want to know what's hot topics are happening anywhere in twitterland it will show you the realtime trends. Use it for yourself to jump in the conversation or for your client to get the mix too.