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TwitPlus is a service working on top of Twitter to help you send pictures, video and any other type of file to your Twitter friends. This is a new service and is currently under development. You are free to use the twitplus service but please note that the service may have bugs and may be taken down at any time.

Tool Reviews

Reviewed on September 21, 2010

I installed this extension for Chrome this morning, it adds a lot of functionalities if you are using Twitter via its website. It allows you to upload pictures and videos on Yfrog and to preview them.
As I am writing The new twitter features will make previewing of pictures less useful but the good thing is that you doesn't have to click on the link to display the picture on I really like the fact to be able to see the media shared on a profile right away. I am using it in conjunction with Power Twitter , which makes that the videos are display twice sometimes but as you...