Live video broadcasting. Ustream has a twitter powered chat, and also you can tweet when you go live.


Tool Reviews

Reviewed on May 14, 2012

Very good for live streaming from phone directly to video services. Also includes a Facebook tab that live streams video directly to Facebook pages.

Reviewed on October 9, 2010

I was using it recently at a conference organized by the Ministry of ICT in my country and there I saw a great way to use twitter, ustream and hastt #

Reviewed on March 3, 2010

The UStream Live Broadcaster iPhone app makes capturing live video and audio a cinch. Plus it offers you the the ability to poll viewers and promote on Twitter. It's especially useful when youG«÷re at an event and you want to capture something and get it out immediately. As a social media marketer and frequent conference attendee, I find it very useful.

Reviewed on December 20, 2009

You can go live on Ustream, or simply record on your Local network. Everything is saved on a secure server for you, for future use. Update your twitter status automatically when you go live, or upload a recorded video! Great fun! Show your wife where you are doing business, show your kids which new celebrity you met! Oh the benefits of a walking 'webcam'!